Giant Toadstools and The World's Fair

Take a guided tour through living history!  The Krider family of Middlebury once captured the imagination of the world.  This tour of the park that bears their name opens a window to the family's nursery at the height of its creative powers.  The natural beauty will take your breath away.  You may even spot a giant toadstool.  This tour is great for kids, too, so grab the family and the camera; there are plenty of opportunities for fun selfies.



Meet at the Middlebury Community Historical Museum, 301 W. Bristol Ave.

Trip Tip:  Take some time to explore the Museum to learn more about Middlebury's historic past.

Gangsters, Saloons & Buggies on Roofs

Historic Middlebury is full of surprises.  John Dillinger was the most famous criminal in the U.S. in the 1930's and it is rumored he passed through Middlebury and even spent the night in a boarding house.

In Amish Country, it's not unusual to see buggies everywhere:  on the roads, at banks and grocery stores, even at Walmart....but on a roof?  Hear these inside stories, secrets and more from a local with this tour of downtown.


Meet at Middlebury Community Public Library, 101 E. Winslow, St.

Trip Tip:  Spend some extra time in downtown exploring the unique shops and restaurants.

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